FREE TIPS to Break Free From Binge Eating
My own struggles with bulimia led me to discover the process that helped me to nourish and nurture myself back to health and well-being. 

Today, my greatest satisfaction comes from teaching others, frustrated by similar issues, the same principles that helped set me free and get my life back!

Nourishing your body is all about how you eat not what you eat.

It is a positive alternative to dieting, that will help you to break free from Binge-eating.

I can show you how to tune into your own body so you eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. 

You'll discover how to:

- Enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty or overeating

- Improve your total health and well-being

- Lose weight safely and naturally and keep it off forever. 

- Gain peace of mind around food and weight related issues.

This is not a quick fix, where the weight eventually comes back, but a gradual awakening where you learn to listen to and trust your body’s natural instincts, all the while learning to enjoy food.

Catrina Bengree
Founder of Nourish ‘N Nurture

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